ABTRACO provides effective and high-quality consultancy services in different areas like agriculture and food security, trade and commerce, forestry, policy & legal aspects, industrial and economic development policy. Special quality of the experts in ABTRACO consist of enthusiastic and devoted to the objectives to be delivered and each of them having at least more than 12 years of working experiences in related field. It is due to these qualification and experiences that contribute to the quality of its deliveries. 

ABTRACO was established in the year 2000 (2057 BS) based on the principle of cooperatives for providing support through consultancy services in the field of agriculture and rural development, food and nutrition security, trade and commerce, marketing and market management, non-agriculture & livestock products, activities leading to overall development of the country.

Being a cooperative organization, ABTRACO has gone through various service providing programs rather than sole profit making objectives. This is a multi shared organization resources coming through shareholders capital and project fund. It aims to build itself a sustainable institution with adequate number of expertise in various disciplines to deliver quality services. Further, this also aims developing cooperative work by establishment of expert members.

Agri-Business & Trade Promotion Multi-Purpose Cooperative Ltd.  in short ABTRACO is an autonomous organization established in the year 2057 (2000 AD) based on the principles of cooperatives for providing support through consultancy services in the field of Agricultural and rural development, research and strategic planning, baseline surveys, post harvest operations, feasibility studies, food and nutrition security, marketing and market management of agriculture & livestock products, gender, child labor and equality issues, agro-based enterprise development, skill development package training programs to the stakeholders, enhancing trade competitiveness of high value agricultural commodities, monitoring and evaluation of projects/programs, environment and natural resources management.
Over a decades' working experience in the multi disciplinary fields, ABTRACO has undertaken various projects for wide spectrum of clients like DFID, CCO, USAID, UBDP, ILO, FAO, GIZ, IPGRI (Rome), GRPI (Nairobi), HELVETAS, CIDA, CIMMYT, MoAD – Nepal, AEC/FNCCI, NARDF, and other national and local institutions. In the process, the organization has executed several service oriented and income generating programmes for small entrepreneurs also. The projects implemented by the organization have been listed below.


Message From Chairman

Rural poverty alleviation through social and economic empowerment of the rural poor including women, Janajatis & Dalit has been the dominant development agenda of ABTRACO ever since its establishment. An overwhelming majority of the poor are located in rural areas and depend, directly or indirectly, on agriculture and related activities for their subsistence. Thus creation of additional income and employment opportunities in rural areas in general and within the agriculture sector in particular is a necessary condition for poverty alleviation in Nepal.

Transformation of subsistence rural economy into a self-supporting, sustainable and market oriented economy is critically important for the overall development of Nepal. In this context, expansion of agri-business and marketing opportunities is instrumental in building productive rural urban partnership. In order to ensure sustained economic growth, it is utmost necessary to utilize economically active manpower, business skill, scattered savings even if small; and appropriate technology.

The vast ecological diversity that exists within the country offers a wide range of farm and off-farm economic opportunities for the rural people. However, poor physical infrastructures as well as inadequate understanding of the specific development potentials, constraints and priorities, which vary across geographic areas, have constrained their exploitation in a significant scale. There is a need to design and implement focused development packages based on a clear identification and characterization of various commodity or enterprise zones in the country. This will help allocate scarce development resources and efforts in a more efficient and effective manner.

It is evident that effort of government alone is not sufficient for rural transformation and productive rural urban partnership. It is well realized that cooperative sector can contribute significantly to the process by fostering socio-economic justice. Therefore, building on the principles of cooperatives, Agri-Business and Trade Promotion Multi-Purpose Co-operative (ABTRACO) stands to carry forward the mission of cooperative i.e. transparent and fair trade, business and services and envisions promoting agribusiness and trade by channeling available resources, skill, capital and technology into productive venture. This will provide right mix of fuel and lubricants to drive the engine of equitable growth with required acceleration.

Mr. Jagadish Chandra Gautam