Projects Completed

S.N. Duration Assignment name Name of Client & Country of Assignment Approx. Contract value in NRs. Role on the Assignment
1 2001- 2003
Promotion of Marketing of Selected High Value Agricultural Commodities to Bangladesh and Tibet Markets, Hill Agriculture Research Project (HARP)/ DFID,/Nepal 4,837,000.00 Lead Consultant
2 March - April 2002 Ginger marketing study in western Nepal with special reference to Nawalparasi district.
Department of Agriculture, District Agriculture Development Office, HMG/N 98,000.00 Lead Consultant
3 June  –Dec 2002 Child Labor Elimination Project for implementing income generating scheme for the rural families prone to sending their children into the labor market based on matching grants and group-based saving. Project implementing districts being Jhapa, Sunsari, Dhading Lamjung, Parbat and Kanchanpur Ministry of Labor and Transport Management funded by ILO/IPEC/Nepal 2,70,000.00 Lead Consultant
4 July - Sep 2002 Socio-economic assessment of the most income generating activities/enterprises promoted in the context of RCIW support in Clusters II and IV, the study being conducted for Integrated Food Security Program Project (IFSP) GIZ-Project Nepal 431,590.00 Lead Consultant
5  2002 Operationalization of Agricultural Marketing Center of Kohalpur, Banke HARP/DFID - Lead Consultant
6 March - April 2002 Ginger marketing study in western Nepal with special reference to Nawalparasi district.
Department of Agriculture, District Agriculture Development Office, HMG/N 98,000.00 Lead Consultant
7 March -June 2003 Assessment of DADO supported fruit (Pear) development project in Dankshinkali area
District Agriculture Development Office, Kathmandu,/Nepal 94,320.00 Lead Consultant
8 Nov 2003-Jan 2004 Facilitated the institutionalization of National Orange Growers Association representing all Nepal orange growers through social mobilization process, HARP/DFID 2,02,600.00 Lead Consultant
9 Nov 2003 - March 2004
Uptake Pathways Project to functionalize Kohalpur Marketing Center, Nepalgunj Hill Agriculture Research Project (HARP)/DFID
5,98,000.00 Lead Consultant
10 Feb  -April 2004 Study of Market Exploration of Banana Produced in Nawalparasi District District Agriculture Development Office, Nawalparasi, Nepal 89,240.00 Lead Consultant
11 March -May 2004 Regional Market Linkage Study of Fruits and Vegetables in Biratnagar and Nepalgunj Regions- Rural Urban Partnership Programme (RUPP)/UNDP/Nepal 2,56,000.00 Lead Consultant
12 May  -August 2004 Survey of Non-Timber Forest Products’ (NTFPs) Trade pattern in Jumla, Surkhet and Nepalgunj and Recommendation of Appropriate Policy Measures & Business Supports for a Productive Trade Enhancement AEC/USAID, Nepal 240,000.00 Lead Consultant
13 March -Sep 2004
Trade Competitiveness Study of Vegetable Seeds (Radish-Mino Early, Carrot-New Kuroda and Hybrid Tomato)- AEC/USAID, Nepal 350.000.00 Lead Consultant
14 May -Sep 2004 Study to identify Administrative and Policy Constraints that Small Farmers face in Dang (vegetable seed, honey), Banke (market center, vegetable), & Palpa (Coffee) AEC/USAID, Nepal 300,000.00 Lead Consultant
15 2004
Restructuring of Agriculture Information and Communication Center of MoAD", Study Report of the study commissioned Ministry of Agriculture and Development (MoAD),  Nepal - Lead Consultant
16 March -June 2005 Study the Trade Competitiveness of Off-season Vegetables Production in Palpa, Surkhet and Kaski and of Ginger Production in Palpa, Salyan and Tanahun AEC/USAID,/Nepal 625,000.00 Lead Consultant
17 March -June 2005
Identify Administrative and Policy Constraints that the Small Farmers Face in Apple & Carrot Seeds production and marketing in Jumla and fresh vegetables in Surkhet, Nepalgunj and Rupandehi and analyze the functioning of existing agricultural co-operatives in those districts and identify policies for their effectiveness AEC/USAID/Nepal 670,000.00 Lead Consultant
18 June2005- June 2007 Commercialization and Market Linkages for Promoting the Use of Genetic Resources - Project Collaboration with NARC/MoAC/ CBOs GRPI, Nairobi, Kenya, Nepal 19,80,500.00 Lead Consultant
19 Sep- Sep 2005 An Impact Study of Improved Maize Technology in the Hills: A Case Study of Deurali, OR Site, Palpa District – Project funded by CIMMYT.( This research has been selected to be presented in the 9th Asian Regional Maize Workshop/Conference in Beijing to be held during 5-9 September 2005
CIMMYT/Nepal Direct Payment from CIMMYT Lead Consultant
20 Sep-Dec  2005 Study on Access to Water Source Development by Small Marginalized and Socially Disadvantaged Targeted Group of Farmers in Banke and Surkhet Districts AEC/USAID, Nepal 250,000.00 Lead Consultant
21 Mar 2005 - Feb 2007 Post Harvest Storage, Handling and Management of Fruits and Vegetable Crops and Vegetable Seeds in the Hills & Terai of the Mid and Far Western Regions NARDF, / Nepal 27,06,000.00 Lead Consultant
22 Aug 2005-Oct  2006 Analyzing of Existing National Policies that Enables or Inhibit the Wider Use of Underutilized Plant Species for Food and Agriculture in Nepal IPGRI, Rome, Italy, Nepal 4,42,000.00 Lead Consultant
23 Nov 2005-May 2006
Transfer of Technologies of Canadian Forage Sorghum Hybrid to Nepal Dairy Farmers to Raise their Income through Milk Productivity – CIDA, CANADA/ Nepal 22,41,000.00 Lead Consultant
24 Jan -April 2006 Compiling and Prioritizing Top Ten Important NTFPs of Nepal for Commercial Production, AEC/USAID, Nepal 260,000.00 Lead Consultant
25 Feb-June 2006 Trade Competitiveness Study of Nepalese Honey and Coffee AEC/USAID, Nepal 460,000.00 Lead Consultant
26 Sep 2006- Aug 2009 Establish, operate and promote farmers' advocacy fora for discussion on contemporary agricultural development issues and problems NARDF, Nepal 28,63,708.00 Lead Consultant
27 Oct 2006-Sep 2009 Capacity Building on Enhancing Crop-Livestock Productivity and Farmers’ Income through Integrated Soil Fertility and Water Harvesting Technologies NARDF, Nepal 24,96,000.00 Lead Consultant
28 Nov -Dec 2006 Study on Lesson from Competitive Grant System in Nepal for Agriculture Research and Extension, SSMP/HELVETAS 1,82,000.00 Lead Consultant
29 Jan-June 2007 Study of Nepal-India Trade on Livestock and Livestock Related Products CLDP/DoLS/GoN/Nepal 3,94,000.00 Lead Consultant
30 Jan -July  2007 Identification of Policy and Institutional Constraints and Administrative Issues Related to Operation of Small Scale Enterprises Managed by Women Heads, Dalit, Janjati and Minority: and Suggestion of Remedial Measures in Kapilbastu, Bardia and Dang Districts, AEC/USAID, Nepal 430,000.00 Lead Consultant
31 Feb-May 2007
Analytical Study on the Impact of Extension System with a focus on farmers' group approach Agri. Ext Directorate DOA/GoN,/Nepal 1,72,000.00 Lead Consultant
32 Nov 2007-April 2008 A Feasibility Study on Establishing Cold Storage for Improvement of Agri-commodity Marketing System in the Selected Districts of Western development Region of Nepal" Viz Butwal, Palpa and Arghakhanchi- Market Research and Statistics Management Program/GoN / Nepal 1,59,000.00 Lead Consultant
33 Dec 2007- June 2008
A Feasibility Study on Establishing Cold Storage for the Improvement of Agri-commodity marketing System in the Surkhet district of Nepal Market Research & Statistics Management Project/DoA/GoN/Nepal 2,08,000.00 Lead Consultant
34 Dec 2007-Nov 2010 Development and Promotion of Agro-Processing and Trade Enterprises of Potential Agro-Products in Mid–Western Development Region for Livelihood Improvement – NARDF, Nepal 26,08,000.00 Lead Consultant
35 Mar-June 2008
Preparation of Agri- Marketing Draft Bill, Agri-Business promotion and Market Development Directorate (ABPMDD), Hariharbhawan DoA/GoN/ Nepal 282,161.00 Lead Consultant
36 Oct 2009- Feb 2010 Conducting study on Public Private Partnership (PPP) program in relation to livestock breeding and genetic improvement programme Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Nepal 385,000.00 Lead Consultant
37 May -June 2011
Feasibility Study on Establishing Cold Storage for the Improvement of Agri- Commodity Marketing System in Chitwan district of Nepal, Market Research & Statistics Management Project/DoA/GoN/Nepal 99,500.00 Lead Consultant
38 June-June 2011 Preparation of Draft on Fertilizer Act Ministry of Agriculture and Development (MoAD),  Nepal 1,49,012.00 Lead Consultant
39 Feb -March 2011 k|fËfl/s dnsf] dfkb08 tyf cg'bfg sfo{qmd sfof{Gjog ;DjGwL cWoog k|ltj]bg, Ministry of Agriculture and Development (MoAD), Nepal 1,09,190.00 Lead Consultant
40 Jan -Dec 2012
Development of  an appropriate Community-based seed production (CBSP) system for producing and marketing seed of improved maize in combination with PVS program in farmer fields CIMMYT/ Nepal 770,000.00 Lead Consultant
41  Jan -Aug 2012
Capability Building Training For The Management Committee/Executive Members Of Collection/Market Centers Nepal Economic, Agriculture and Trade (NEAT)/USAID/Nepal 64,66,583.00 Lead Consultant
42 March-Nov 2012 Review the Existing Contract Act and Contract Farming System in Nepal Proposed a Draft Bill
Nepal Economic, Agriculture and Trade (NEAT)/USAID 19,46,663.00 Lead Consultant
43 Sep 2012 - Mar 2013
Post Harvest Handling and Market Linkage Training for Farmers’ Groups, Collection Centers and Traders in Selected NEAT Districts, Nepal Economic, Agriculture and Trade (NEAT)/USAID/ Nepal 35,17,690.00 Lead Consultant
44 Jan-Dec 2013 Strengthening the CBSP group in Quality Seed Production, Post harvest technology, Storing technique and marketing of improved maize seed in Dhading District CIMMYT/ Nepal 990,000.00 Lead Consultant
45 Jun-Jun 2013 Survey of Sample Agriculture Commodity Collection centers in Western Part of the NEAT Project Area. (Kailali, Bardiya, Banke, Surkhet & Dang) Nepal Economic, Agriculture and Trade (NEAT)/USAID 1,02,547.50 Lead Consultant
46 Jan  - Mar 2014 Feasibility study of cold storage in Birtamod, Dhalkebar, Pokhara, Parbat, Rukum, Surkhet and Attaria Agri-Business promotion and Market Development Directorate (ABPMDD), Hariharbhawan DoA/GoN/ Nepal 832,096.00 Lead Consultant
47 Jan-Dec 2014 Strengthening the CBSP group in Quality Seed Production, Post harvest technology, Storing technique and marketing of improved maize seed in Dhading District- Project Funded by
HMRP/CIMMYT-International 2014 10,39,000.00 Lead Consultant
48 Feb 2013 - Jan 2016 Promoting underutilized indigenous common (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench) and Tartary (Fagopyrum tataricum Gaertn.) buckwheat production and productivity for food security and income NARDF/GoN, Nepal 29,82,353.00 Lead Consultant

Message From Chairman

Rural poverty alleviation through social and economic empowerment of the rural poor including women, Janajatis & Dalit has been the dominant development agenda of ABTRACO ever since its establishment. An overwhelming majority of the poor are located in rural areas and depend, directly or indirectly, on agriculture and related activities for their subsistence. Thus creation of additional income and employment opportunities in rural areas in general and within the agriculture sector in particular is a necessary condition for poverty alleviation in Nepal.

Transformation of subsistence rural economy into a self-supporting, sustainable and market oriented economy is critically important for the overall development of Nepal. In this context, expansion of agri-business and marketing opportunities is instrumental in building productive rural urban partnership. In order to ensure sustained economic growth, it is utmost necessary to utilize economically active manpower, business skill, scattered savings even if small; and appropriate technology.

The vast ecological diversity that exists within the country offers a wide range of farm and off-farm economic opportunities for the rural people. However, poor physical infrastructures as well as inadequate understanding of the specific development potentials, constraints and priorities, which vary across geographic areas, have constrained their exploitation in a significant scale. There is a need to design and implement focused development packages based on a clear identification and characterization of various commodity or enterprise zones in the country. This will help allocate scarce development resources and efforts in a more efficient and effective manner.

It is evident that effort of government alone is not sufficient for rural transformation and productive rural urban partnership. It is well realized that cooperative sector can contribute significantly to the process by fostering socio-economic justice. Therefore, building on the principles of cooperatives, Agri-Business and Trade Promotion Multi-Purpose Co-operative (ABTRACO) stands to carry forward the mission of cooperative i.e. transparent and fair trade, business and services and envisions promoting agribusiness and trade by channeling available resources, skill, capital and technology into productive venture. This will provide right mix of fuel and lubricants to drive the engine of equitable growth with required acceleration.

Mr. Jagadish Chandra Gautam